Journées de l'Industrie 2024

Recruitment fair for young engineers.

26/02 – 29/02


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The Journées de l'Industrie are a mean of exchange between companies and future graduates from the schools of civil engineering, bio-engineering and computer science at UCL. The event takes place over several days and welcomes more than 100 companies each year.

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Attending to the Journées de l'Industrie will allow you to reach students in many different ways.


We provide 3 x 2m for your stand


30 minutes in front of students


Face-to-face for a day


600 copies distributed to students


Participating faculties











Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

CCII is a non-profit organization aiming to help students get in touch with companies. Throughout the year, we organize conferences, company visits and other activities around the theme of employment.

Our main focus consists in the organization of the career fair «Les Journées de l’Industrie» that gathers each year more than 140 companies as well as hundreds of students mainly from the engineering, bio-engineering, architecture and computer sciences faculties.

What is a typical daily schedule?

Our team welcomes you from 9am to install your stand (the furniture is of course provided). The opening time for students is set at 10am, time at which breakfast will be served to all standholders. The lunch buffet opens at 1pm. The fair ends around 5pm everyday. If you have chosen to give a presentation in front of students, it will take place at a given time during the day.

Are there prices adapted to SMEs (PME), NGOs and the start-ups?

Yes, the rates are tailored to allow any company to participate. This allows us to present a wide range of companies to students.

What is the size of the stands?

They cover 6m² (3x2) and furniture is provided for each.

How to find informations about CCII ?

You will find all information about us on our website You can also find us on LinkedIn under the name "Contact Cercle Industriel Industries a.s.b.l. (CCII)".

How to register to the Journées de l'Industrie?

First, an account must be made with your professional email address. Then, you can register your company via your dashboard.

How to contact us ?

For questions about invoices:
For questions about the Journées de l'Industrie:
For event promotion or any other question:
We can also be reached by phone: +32 (0) 455 17 69 47

Why should a start-up come to our career fair

Whether you want to make the student aware of what you are doing, or to find a intern for your start-up, les Journées de l'industrie are the perfect place.

How long do the Journées de l'Industrie last?

The event takes place over a period of four days. The first four days are dedicated to any type of company. You only need to come for one day (that you will be able to choose) out of the first four. The interviews with the students are optional.

What is the deadline for registration?

Registration for the Journées de l'Industrie is open until all places are sold out, but this can vary from year to year. Generally speaking, the event is fully booked towards the end of the year.

Which students are concerned by the Journées de l'Industrie?

Students in civil engineering (in architecture, biomedical engineering, chemistry and materials science, construction, electricity, electromechanics, computer science, applied mathematics, data science, mechanics and applied physics), bioengineering (in agronomic sciences, chemistry and bio-industries and environmental sciences and technologies), computer science, engineering and management science.

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Do you need more information? Don't hesitate to contact us. Don't forget to look at our Frequently Asked Questions above.

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